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Friday, 31 October 2014

Heroic Jackson to face charges yet Australian media keep smearing guiltless Gillard

Heroic Jackson to face charges yet Australian media keep smearing guiltless Gillard


(Image by John Graham)

Counsel assisting the Trade Union Commission recommends
Tony Abbott’s hero Kathy Jackson to face criminal charges, yet
Australia’s mainstream media headline more baseless Gillard smears.
Peter Wicks from Wixxyleaks reports.

Late yesterday afternoon the Trade Union Royal Commission (TURC) dropped a bombshell.

Counsel Assisting Jeremy Stoljar yesterday made his submissions (which can be seen in full via this link)
and while this does not mean the Commissioner will follow suit, it
certainly gives a strong indication of where things are headed.

I have not had the time to plough through all of the documentation as
there is a mountain of it, however there are a few things to note.

Firstly, Julia Gillard has no case to answer. Despite, all of the antics and smear, Gillard was found by Stoljar to have done nothing criminal — as IA
has been reporting for years. Australia’s desperate mainstream media
aren’t worrying about that though, headlining Stoljar’s sidenote that
some of her conduct as a solicitor 20 years ago may have been

They can’t let it go and admit they were wrong. They really are pathetic.

For Kathy Jackson though, things are actually – really, in fact –
looking bad. Of course, Australia’s dismal mainstream media, after years
of spinning Gillard as a criminal and Jackson as a brave whistleblower,
are running this detail towards the end of their latest Gillard smear

There will be more to come I’m sure as I work my way through the
documentation, but here is how Stoljar summarised HSU governance during
Jacksons time as Secretary.

“The matters set out above raise serious governance issues at the
Victoria No 3 Branch, during the period Ms Jackson was Secretary.

It is difficult to imagine a more inappropriate series of
arrangements. On Ms Jackson’s own evidence, significant sums of members’
money were kept in a kitty and handed out at her discretion. There were
insufficient checks and records concerning other movements of money,
including the use of credit cards.

The picture that emerges is of a union during the period 2000 -
2012 characterised by lax governance; frequent breaches of union rules
and procedures of transparency and accountability; and ‘smear’ and
‘dirt’ campaigns, during which critical records were destroyed or
tampered with, and reputations trashed. This is no model for a modern or
effective union.”

For many of the allegations against Jackson, Stoljar made no findings, as the matters are part of the $1.4 million case currently before Federal Court and so deemed inappropriate to comment on.

However, on the Peter Mac settlement, there
are elements of the matter not before Federal Court such as the
$250,000 payment to the HSU from the cancer research facility and

Jackson admitted during the Royal Commission to grossly inflating the
union’s costs in order to have them total $250,000. One example of this
was her legal costs, which were inflated from $1,122 to $65,740
according to Jackson’s own testimony.

Some may call that a rort — others a hefty mark-up.

Jeremy Stoljar in his submission refers to it as follows:

“Obtaining property or a financial advantage by deception.”

Stoljar then goes on to say:

“Ms Jackson falsely represented to Peter Mac that the HSU had
incurred, or would incur, costs that she knew it had not, and would not,
incur. That false representation constitutes the relevant deception.”

This deception, you may recall, was designed as a payment that would
ensure none of the workers would receive the roughly $3 million in
entitlements they were owed.

Another thing you may remember is that, at one stage, Jackson tried
to say that any money paid to the workers would have taken money away
from cancer research. This was her justification for ensuring that the
workers she represented were ripped off while she purloined the payout.

By inflating the bills and wilfully deceiving the Peter Mac Cancer
Institute, Kathy Jackson herself was taking quarter of a million dollars
away from cancer research, effectively taking the cash not just from
the workers, but also from those suffering from cancer. You don’t get
much lower than that in my view.

Stoljar concluded with this;

“It is submitted that there is sufficient evidence to warrant Ms
Jackson being referred to the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions
so that the Director can consider whether to prosecute her for possible
contraventions of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic).”

We will see how soon the Victorian Crime Squad act now that the Commission is pointing the finger at Jackson.

Or maybe Abbott should announce another taskforce? I won’t hold my breath on that...

There will be more to come. More about Jackson, that is. for the nutbag Gillard conspiracy theorists, it's all over.

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